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Michele_Phillips_authorMichele Phillips has had a zest for living life full out since she was a child.  Inspired by her dad who always had her singing and dancing around the house, Michele unconsciously developed happy habits.  She listened to “Happy” music, and was deemed the Queen of Corny.  She drew “Happy” pictures and was labeled a dreamer. She said good morning with a smile on her face to most people that she came in contact with and was once told to “take her pom-pom’s and go somewhere else.” She let none of this stop her.  Michele is, and has always been dedicated to helping people get more out of their days.  Why just get through the day, when you can enjoy the day?

As the president of Key Performance (www.key2unlock.com) and the author of Happiness is a Habit – Simple Daily Rituals That Increase Energy, Improve Well-Being and Add Joy to Every Day, Michele has been on a lifelong quest to help others create positive habits that build confidence, increase vitality and help people move in the direction of their goals and dreams.

Michele’s professional experience spans over 20 years facilitating engaging workshops, seminars and coaching programs with Fortune 500 companies around the globe including: TAG Heuer, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Barclay’s Capital, Verizon Wireless and COACH leather, just to name a few. An authority in the field of peak performance, Michele inspires others to action and helps individuals create lives filled with energy, joy and positive habits.

Corporate Expertise

Michele holds numerous certifications and trains thousands of leaders and individuals annually on the science of habits, emotional intelligence, leadership skills and peak performance. Her experience speaking and facilitating to both small and large executive groups is extensive.  She can motivate a room filled with thousands or work one-on-one with executive coaching clients. She also often runs exclusive executive coaching retreats.  Michele holds a M.A in Organizational Development from Fordham University.

“Michele has a way of getting everyone energized and involved in the activities by breaking down barriers of shyness and skepticism instantly. She weaves creative delivery with applicable business usage — an ideal combo in the best of trainers.”

-Adam Shandler, Manager, Global Staffing Special Projects at Stryker

International Presenter

As a keynote presenter, Michele’s speeches are educational, inspiring and thought provoking. She has an innate ability to make everyone feel included, energized and engaged.  Michele’s boundless energy will instantly grab viewers and her can-do attitude is infectious.  She has spoken throughout the US and abroad and is often featured on numerous national radio and television programs as an expert in creating positive habits that last.

Public Workshops and Retreats

Michele offers quarterly Happiness is a Habit workshops and retreats that teach participants how to become more engaged and focused every day, how to fuel their bodies for success, stimulate their minds for peak performance and create the emotional support systems needed to sustain change.

She resides in New York. Current blogs, upcoming seminars and updates for Michele can be found at www.key2unlock.com.

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