Increase Energy, Improve Well Being, and Add Joy

Happiness-is-a-Habit-Michele_Phillips_coverWelcome to the official website of author Michele Phillips and the book Happiness is a Habit: Simple Daily Rituals that Increase Energy, Improve Well Being, and Add Joy to Every Day.

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Renovate the rhythm of your life to create a healthier, happier you! Forget superficial fixes like fad diets or shopping sprees and instead learn how implementing simple daily habits like journaling, juicing, and unplugging electronics can improve your quality of life. The confidence, vitality, and joy that you deserve are just a habit away! Find out more…

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3 thoughts on “Increase Energy, Improve Well Being, and Add Joy

  1. tim fitzsimons

    Finally you put a book out giving us insights and the secret on to why you are the happiest person I’ve ever met. Can’t wait to read it over and over. This is a great Christmas gift for all ages.

  2. Trish casey

    This book has given me daily, simple steps that are useful and absolutely doable to improve your outlook on life and how you approach the good things and bad things in your life. Well worth the buy! Michele writes in a humorous, realistic manner. She makes you want to jump out of bed everyday and make a difference in your life.


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